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Here I Come, Blinking Into The Light

I fell over in the mud a few weeks back. I came down harder than I realised on my right hand. It was neither broken nor dislocated but it doesn’t half hurt. That put blogging out of my reach for a bit especially when, one week later, our newest canine rescue bit me on the same hand. Oh how I love the A&E Department in the wee small hours… This was my first ever dog bite and, crikey, they are really painful aren’t they?

I should make clear that Ernie, a ten-month-old Collie that was apparently fed on Pot Noodle for much of his life, did not meant to bite me. He was protecting himself from Floyd who had ambushed him from behind and I was simply caught in the middle. I’m very Glad that Eric wasn’t involved! I dread to imagine the damage his jaws would have done.

Now, with a freshly-healed scar but a still-wonky wrist I am finally writing on my blog again – from a new bedroom! Yes, I have found a wonderful little home two minutes walk from my sister, Medusa and Semtex and after exactly a week after I moved in, I’ve got internet. Hello world, I’ve missed you!

As you have no doubt realised, this is a thinly-veiled list of excuses for my long silence but, hey, at least I’m writing something. If anyone out there is still reading Shedward, I’m working on a new post and will put it up as soon as I can. 


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