On Solid Ground

14 Dec

Yes I am home but not unpacked yet. This means that the bag is sitting spilling its contents across my bedroom floor and my mind is still zipped up tight and not ready to unpack its contents yet.

Floyd is pleased to see me and has lots to tell – not least that he has been joined by a Doberman called Eric – and Rufus is in rude health but Moriarty is less than thrilled with our new lodger who has chased him around the house once or twice. Eric sleeps upstairs (My bedroom doesn’t have a door and this dog is a wanderer that needs to be contained at night.) which leaves my bed clear for Floyd. Moriarty has sussed this out and now likes to sleep across the top of my pillow. Moriarty and Floyd don’t get along either but they have reached an uneasy truce whereby Moriarty will stay calm and not hiss or unsheathe his claws as long as Floyd doesn’t make any moves towards the pillow. Let me just say that its me that’s uneasy. After all, my face is between those two …

I must say a big sorry to anyone waiting for more in the Gijon/Santander/Biscay series but as you will appreciate, it can be difficult to drive a ship and, write about it, then write about a ship you drove back in the mists of time. I will get on with it ASAP I promise.

In the meantime, I will be a good auntie and sister, I will not say Bah Humbug (Where my family can hear me) and I will do some Christmas shopping. Look, I’m smiling – honest I am.

Oh and by the way, how could I forget???? My story Ships That Pass has been published in Mslexia magazine. Mslexia is a quarterly publication that’s available by subscription (both online and in print). If you go to and check out New Writing – The Affair, you’ll be able to see what the wonderful guest editor, Sarah Dunant says about my work. You will have to subscribe to read the story though, sorry.


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2 responses to “On Solid Ground

  1. Observer 40

    December 15, 2012 at 1:14 pm

    Liked the ships that pass story showed great insight.
    We,your readers, are familiar with Rufus and Floyd and now Eric but who is Moriarty?

    • Lorraine Gouland

      January 2, 2013 at 11:42 pm

      Sorry for delay in replying – how did you see Ships That Pass? Are you a Mslexia subscriber? (If you don’t mind my asking).
      Moriarty is a the black cat …Nuff said.


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