Just Me and the Tumble Weed

10 Apr

Quiet round here isn’t it?

I am at home again, recovering from a bit of a shock (see Shedward, my other blog) and wondering what to do on the writing front. A friend texted today and asked if I am writing again. Well no, I’m not. Actually, that’s not true, I write all the time but she meant, am I continuing the novel? I want to. I want to rush out to my shed and immerse myself in the world I’ve created but I won’t be home for long and I will probably have to stop, pack and push-off again before I get far. There is also the small matter of my dissertation. It hasn’t been marked yet. So, I have questions; should I wait to see what comments I get from my markers or should I just plough on? Should I cleanse my palate by turning out a shorter work or go back to pieces I’ve done and try to find homes for them? Should I write a piece and put it on here?

Decisions, decisions.


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2 responses to “Just Me and the Tumble Weed

  1. Observer 40

    April 10, 2012 at 7:40 pm

    Whilst it would not be possible or fitting to answer all those questions,it would however be incumbent upon one to say”Keep the novel going at all costs” there is,one is sure,no urgency,but at the same time,the characters contained therein must continue to live and thrive within your mind and ultimately your pen (keyboard ?) and not be allowed to wither and fade by being put on hold. Not a good idea to publish in blog form, how would Harry or his pals have faired if dear old J. K. R. had given them their freedom to soon. Sounds via Shedward that you are very stressed. Perhaps it would be a good thing during this lull in your seafaring work to try to relax put the creation and the sailing all to one side,enjoy home,your sister,and her kids,go and visit your favourite coffee joint take the old hound for a walk. Your writing shows that you have a magnificent mind and a discriptive word power to match. Your army of followers wish you peace and joy and will be scanning both here and Shedwood for the next instalments.

    • Lorraine Gouland

      April 10, 2012 at 11:13 pm

      Well thank you very much. I do intend to finish the novel at all costs and it will stay firmly under wraps until then -apart from the dissertation bit, obviously. Unfortunately the lull in my seagoing is short lived as I’m off again in a few days. Needs must etc. But the more I earn, the more writing time I can buy myself.


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