A Full Moon Over The Ferry Terminal

09 Mar

Yes, the cloud tore apart into trailing shreds around the rising moon and I wandered up on deck just in time to see it. I tried to photograph it but on the small screen of my mobile phone, it didn’t look romantic enough. Well, not with the lights from the ferry terminal starring the picture with sodium flares.

It seems possible that on this ship I will have time to write, whether I’ll carry on with the novel or write in response to my environment, I don’t yet know. I only arrived yesterday and we haven’t left the quayside yet. But I will write. And I’ll write about the writing on here, The Kinky Boot Collective. I’ll write about being a sailor on Shedward.

If there’s a bit of a gap between posts, it’s only because I’m out of range of the internet. When I’m closer inshore, I may have saved up several posts. Who knows? Here’s hoping.



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One response to “A Full Moon Over The Ferry Terminal

  1. Jenny Drewery

    March 9, 2012 at 9:42 pm

    The weatherman said the same again tonight: ‘Lorraine will see the Northern Lights, if the cloud clears.’


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